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The new year has just started so I think that reading “Think Like a Monk” would change your way of living. 💫

I’m thrilled to write about this book. Why? Because it’s a such enlightening book that everyone should read to have a meaningful, purposeful, and fulfilled life. ✨

Originally, I learned about his book through a friend. Back then I was reading The Wise Heart by Jack Kornfield. Thus my friend said, “I bet you’d like Think Like a Monk by Jay Shetty”. Guess what? He was absolutely right. 🤩

Books about mindfulness tickle my fancy. Since I want to learn more about being in the present, to live intentionally, and deliberately. In addition, I desire to foster my self-awareness as I think that if I can understand myself, I’ll be better able to be patient and understanding with others which will improve my relationship with myself and people who cross my path.

This book is all about finding your way to live as a whole. To exist and act accordingly to your values and intentions.

Jay Shetty was a monk, and he’s currently a coach. This book is a best seller translated into some languages including Portuguese (my native language which is a perfect gift to give to people). Besides, he also hosts the On Purpose Podcast which I highly recommend. Jay shares much of his knowledge and interviews experts in different fields.

Think Like a Monk is an easy-going book. The language is straightforward in plain English. Jay covers his thoughts wonderfully. By using examples and personal experiences, he supports his arguments. Additionally, he explains why he decided to be a monk and shares his takeaways from this marvelous part of his life.

I’d recommend this book to everyone who wishes to find their way to live a fulfilled life. A life that you’ll be grateful for, and won’t regret in your latest years.

If you want to know the 6 lessons I learned from Think Like a Monk read on here.

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Shirley is an avid learner, interested in self-development, healthcare, and mindfulness. As an English learner, she spreads the word about her process of learning English, that it might help someone in their process.

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  1. You are a great ambassador of this book and that seems very interesting.
    Thank you dear Shirley for recommending it❤️

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