Hey! How’s it going?

Do you cook your own food?

Are you thinking about starting to do it?

So… Today’s topic is why it is good for you to cook your own food to eat at work.

Nowadays, we’re increasingly busier: work, family, house, kids, college, gym…

You’ll say: I don’t have time to cook!

I’ll say: time is priority! 😀

I really don’t believe when one person says that doesn’t have time. Who wants to do something finds a way, who doesn’t finds an excuse!

Revise your priorities frequently.

So… let’s see the benefits of cooking your own meal.

1. Health

We can’t compare a meal prepared for ourselves with one bought at a restaurant.

Sometimes, I feel bored to eat only food concocted for me, but I also feel tired to eat only in a restaurant. I try to eat outside one of the five workdays. During the weekend I eat in Mom’s or Mother-in-law’s house!haha 😋

Preparing your own food is healthy because you really know what you’re eating. You know how it was made (hygiene), and what kind of ingredients…

2. Cheap

You can save a lot of money preparing your own meal. It’s so expensive to eat outside every day. You can save money on the meal and on the fuel of the car (if you don’t have a restaurant near you).

3. Time

The time you use to cook you save it, twice or more, in your lunchtime.

Usually, I have one hour of break. So, when I bring my food with me, I save 40min doing whatever I want: studying, taking a nap, chatting on Facebook or WhatsApp, paying bills and so on…


4. Learn English

You know… I’m an English learner 😄😄So… I take advantage of that moment and pick up my listening skill.

What are you waiting to start concocting your meal?

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See you soon!


Shirley is an avid learner, interested in self-development, healthcare, and mindfulness. As an English learner, she spreads the word about her process of learning English, that it might help someone in their process.

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