I know it is an unusual title, but in the following lines, you will understand what I am talking about. and why you shouldn’t ask unnecessary questions.

I intend to make us reflect on what types of questions we make and why.

First, what are unnecessary questions?

  1. things that you already asked
  2. things that you already know
  3. things to shame people
  4. things to drop hints
  5. bad habits like interjecting “Huh?” at the end of every statement making the person repeat the story again.

Questions are welcomed to clarify a topic or a misunderstanding or to ensure that what you understood is correct. You also can ask questions to learn more about something new to you or to be curious to understand a situation in order to help the other person.

On the other hand, questions are unwelcome and unnecessary when you ask repetitive questions or want to make people feel ashamed. Another end-of-the-road thing is to ask something intending to let people know that you know that piece of information that they believe would have been unknown by the inquisitive.

Some drawbacks might come if we keep asking unnecessary questions. People will get annoyed to be around us and will avoid our presence, they might regard us as dull who ask dumb questions.

On the plus side, if we make the right questions at the right moment, people will be pleasured to be on our side and will make sure to get us around for compelling conversations.

Making questions is not a problem at all, but the other way around. It’s inevitable to establish effective communication by ensuring that what we listen to is well understood. Plus, being curious about the story to better understand the other person.

Although, when questions are repetitive and inwardly bad-intended, they suck.

I’m curious to hear your thoughts on that. Please tell me, have you ever reflected on what kind of questions you ask?


Shirley is an avid learner, interested in self-development, healthcare, and mindfulness. As an English learner, she spreads the word about her process of learning English, that it might help someone in their process.

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